People Were SHOCKED To See This Manager On The Restaurant Floor. She Explains Why That Is So WRONG.

When Hailey B. went out to eat at her local steakhouse with her father, they noticed something out of the ordinary: the manager was cleaning a table. In a lot of places, the managers are rarely ever seen, preferring to stay in the back and only come out if they are called to solve a problem. Some might make a round through the restaurant every few hours to ask guests how their meal is, but usually, they stay out of sight.

Hailey wants to know why.

She took this picture – and while she doesn’t know him, personally – to make a statement that she hopes others can read and learn from.

He was helping his employees. This is a great example of management. He doesn’t get tipped out but he wants his server to make good money, and have a flow of customers. He is showing his employees team work and that he isn’t going to let them fail.

Being a leader and setting an example is management, yelling at your employees to do something isn’t.”

Too many people were able to relate to this, remembering their own managers who never lifted a finger to help when things got busy…but were always around to bark orders and blame the employees for not working hard enough.

Other people left comments with their own thoughts on the matter. While everything he did was in his job description, it was shocking to most people to see a manager “working” alongside his employees.

Hailey wants it to change. As one commenter said, “75% of employees leave because of their mangers – NOT the job!”

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