People Were Accusing This Photo Of Being FAKE! One Woman Fostered This Dog Back To Health.

This photo was posted online, and no one believed that it was real. It went viral in Greece, and a woman worked together with a rescue team to pick the dog up. They drove 70km and managed to find and apprehend the dog. The dog was terrified, and no one knew what to do to help him. They thought they could at least offer the dog a dignified death. One woman agreed to foster the dog, whom she named “Billy,” and he changed her life.8.12a15

He was suffering from severe mange, so they kept him in a small bathroom to prevent the contagious skin condition to spreading to other dogs. He was wary of humans, but never made a sound while living in the small bathroom. He was so comfortable being alone that he only got up to eliminate once a day. He was tired, but he kept eating. “If he wants to eat, he wants to live.” The vet said, monitoring his progress.

Four times a day, she would open the door to the small bathroom to change Billy’s water bowl and refill his food. He never made a sound, but once she closed the door again, she would hear him eating before laying back down to sleep.8.12a17

And once he was strong enough, he followed her for a short walk on the patio, exercising for fun instead of survival for the first time in a long time. It only took less than 2 months for this incredible transformation, and people still didn’t believe that it was the same dog. She posted weekly updates, but people accused her of taking pictures of a different dog.8.12a16

Billy’s journey inspired many people, and only one stranger applied to adopt Billy. He turned out to be the best dog, she says, and she can’t believe why anyone would have neglected him so poorly to begin with.

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