People Walk Into A Porta-potty When They Walk Out They Are Someplace New!

What do you do when you come out of a portable toilet in the middle of the day and suddenly find yourself walking into a serious board meeting? A new spin on toilet humor takes off in this video, but still in a most hilarious way. Random people go inside a toilet and once they come out, they step into a boardroom, complete with a group of businessmen, in ties and suits no less!

The unsuspecting people are trapped in an uncomfortable and discombobulating situation, their faces torn asunder by embarrassment and confusion. It is totally hilarious, reading the look of surprise and horror registering on their faces.

This goes to show how people panic and react when placed in unexpected situations. It is as if they have forgotten how they went inside the toilet and are completely absorbed by what suddenly popped out the door. Can you imagine yourself placed in a similar position? What on Earth would you do?

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