People Think This Sneaky Packaging Takes The Prize For Being The Worst

The marketing departments at these companies are probably proud of themselves for being sneaky. Tricking people into taking their advertisements at face value instead of doing the math before buying something is a common practice, but this one in particular has gotten a lot of people riled up about it!

The box claimed to contain “35% Less Sugar” but when placed next to the regular box, someone noticed this:

In reality they’re just selling 35% smaller portions – but for the same price,” they wrote.

They posted the picture without doing the math, and the post went viral instantly…for all the wrong reasons! People immediately began defending the oatmeal, providing the actual numbers and making the post even more popular.

Here’s the math:

Package 1: (12/43) % sugar by weight Package 2: (6/31) % sugar by weight

Package 1: 27.9% sugar Package 2: 19.4% sugar


Which means it’s 30.5% less sugar. The lost 4.5% is probably in roundoff error due to there not being fractions of grams listed.”

But isn’t that the point? Confusing people into thinking they’re getting something special to pay more. There are a lot of examples of this happening, and whenever someone points it out, the rest of us get to laugh.

While the labels have small asterisks that further explain their claims, most people don’t bother to check and take the claims at face value.Like this one:Of course, it’s still confusing. And kind of mean.

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