People Shamed Him For Spending $3,000 On His PET. His Explanation Is The Best Thing I’ve Read All Day!

People have a lot of varying opinions when it comes to animals, and even more opinions when it comes to pets. Some people view pets as “guard dogs” and keep them chained in the front yard, wind, rain, or snow. “It’s just a dog” they say, not valuing the loyalty or love that a relationship with their pet could bring. Some people view their dogs as a part of the family or “the furry child,” who is just as important to them as their own children. The spectrum is huge depending on the person, and when this guy started telling people about an impending surgery for his 9-year-old terrier, he wrote this online.

I took my dog to the vet today and he has cataracts in both eyes. The initial surgery is going to cost over $3,000 and there was never a question that I was going to pay to have this done.

A few people have expressed shock that we are actually going to pay this money “for a dog”.

I know that I’m getting soft in my old age, but no. My dog has been my faithful companion for the last 9 years. He has been by my side when I was just trying to get my career off of the ground, during those long nights when my kid wouldn’t sleep, when an unethical employer shafted me out of $25,000, through the all-nighters in grad school, and simply when I wanted nothing more than to sit on my deck and have a beer.

Nine years is middle aged for a Jack Russell. They easily live 17 years or longer. I don’t know how I could in good conscience let him go blind when I could do something to prevent it. $3,000 isn’t cheap, but he isn’t just “a dog”. He’s my friend. He’s my son. People say that pets become less important when you have your own ‘real’ children. He is more important today than the first day he came home.


Would you spend $3,000 on your pet if it meant they could have a more fulfilling life? Would you let them age naturally, or put them down if an operation cost too much? This man had such a close relationship with his pet that it was a question of “how much…” it was a question of “how quickly?!” This sweet story has a happy ending, too. His dog had the operation, and is expected to live another 10 years – WITH his eyesight!

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