People Made Fun Of These Brothers Because Of Their Long Hair. Now, They’re Apologizing.

Phoebe Kannisto’s six sons have been sporting hairstyles that weren’t very common for boys their age, but they knew it was for a good cause. Each boy had been growing out his hair for a while – one had kept long hair for five years! – and even thought they were bullied by other kids, they knew that what they were doing was important. Kannisto has a two-year-old daughter, but the toddler wasn’t able to participate in this now-viral story. They wanted to donate their hair to children who had lost theirs from illness or disease.

Before they started growing out their hair, mom made sure that they understood what they were getting themselves into. They were picked on and teased by their peers and even other adults for having “girl hair.”The six brothers were proud of what they had accomplished, and when their hair had grown long enough, mom took them to a salon to finally donate their hair.

They were a strong role model to their little sister, and the brothers have already been trying to predict how long it will take them to do it all over again.Mom says that her sons have developed a thick skin because of their goal. They were able to ignore the criticism from others because they knew that what they were doing was incredibly important. Altogether, they donated over 17 feet of hair to make wigs for other children who weren’t able to grow hair on their own.Their story has inspired other children to do the same. It makes such a big difference in a child’s life, and these little boys will never forget the experience of being able to help others in such a huge way.

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