People Loved Britney Spears’ Christmas Tree…Until They Spotted This INSANE Detail!

As the first of December comes around, people began sharing their holiday decorations, and Christmas trees were quickly a big hit. Britney Spears shared her tree…and people didn’t pick up on one strange detail at first. We were all, understandably, distracted by the lights!

The combination of white and blue lights on her tree are an interesting choice, and the abundance of things to look at make the tree look like it’s been buried in “festive cheer!” Adorable. Aaaand then people noticed just how massive the tree actually was.

Do you see that recliner?At first glance, it makes the tree look at least 20 feet tall! Who buys a tree that tall?! Who has a house with 40 foot ceilings?! What is going on?!

But after the shock wore off, people realized that the recliner was a miniature recliner made for children, and the “regular sized” couch to the right gave everyone a better perspective to understand the size of the tree.

While a person might still stand at about half the size of the tree, it’s still impressive! Now, they’re wondering how she decorated the entire thing so spectacularly. Others were upset that people were putting up their trees so early.

Is your tree up on December 1st?

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