People Keep Mistaking Her Sons For Little Girls. THIS Is What She Has To Say To Them! WOW.

Chloe Dunstan lives in Perth, Australia and is a mother of 6 kids. She has a lot on her plate! She has 3 older boys, Evan, Otto, and Felix who are 4, 3, and 2 respectively. When she had triplets, life became even more hectic! She does a lot to keep her kids fed, happy, and healthy…but she definitely does not have the time to cater to the opinions of others. Would you? Raising children is tough work, and fielding off offensive comments is just not on her long to-do list.

Her boys enjoy having long hair. They like the way it looks and don’t want to cut it off again. They didn’t appreciate having it short, and after cutting it a few times, she decided to let them do what made them happy. As long as they were clean, she didn’t care what they looked like.

But apparently, other people did. And they thought it was perfectly acceptable behavior to insult and ridicule her little boys at random. So, she wrote an impressive list of reasons why jerks should keep their rude opinions to themselves and mind their own business!7.6a1Her point? These are children and they don’t need to be judged or classified by strangers. They should be free to laugh and play and enjoy life without judgement. 7.6a3Like one comment said, “I used to be angry that my son liked to have long hair. Then my mother pointed to a picture on her mantle. It as Jesus with long hair. I never said another word about it, and I love my son just the same.”7.6a4This mom is fierce, and obviously doing a great job!

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