People Can’t Decide If This Employer Is Discriminating Against Vegans. What Do YOU Think?

Nate Snell owns and operates a small bakery named Pip’s Donuts in Portland, Oregon. He was looking to expand his shop and wanted to hire a few more staff members. He decided to pull interested members from his community and posted the employment specifications online for people to read and apply…but one section is causing an uproar.

Well, sort of. (We’re still not sure.)

The section in question states that applicants with “non-medical, non-religious dietary restrictions need not apply.” Why? Snell says that he feels that ever member on staff should be a part of the entire business by tasting new products, making suggestions, and being familiar with everything on the menu. This will help the staff members to give truthful and helpful suggestions to customers as well as open the business up to new ideas…7.28a12

But if someone refuses to eat anything with meat, gluten, or animal products, they just won’t be a good fit because they would be excluding themselves from the most important part of their business.

He says that if someone had emailed him and said “I really want to work for you, I’m vegan, but here’s what I propose as a work-around,” he would have listened to that, but instead he received hate comments and people threatening to boycott. 7.28s10

“It’s really heartbreaking that we live in a society where people feel like they have to use intimidation and fear in order to force their own personal viewpoints on others.”

And some folks find the whole thing hilarious and are promising to stop by – they had never heard of Pip’s before the “scandal,” and are telling their friends to check out this small business that includes its employees in everything7.28a11

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