People Can’t Decide How Giraffes Should Be Wearing Their Neckties.

Of all the things people could be arguing about in this day and age, several thousand have decided that their time would best be spent arguing over important issues…like how a giraffe would be wearing a necktie, if giraffes wore neckties.

Yes. We know exactly how that sounds, but it has people really worked up. The photo in question was posted on Twitter by comedian Jeremy Hammond, and no one can agree on one single answer.Some people argued on behalf of all the giraffes:

I see a disturbing lack of giraffes commenting. Let the giraffes decide for themselves!”

And some tried to bring a little reason into the debate:

It probably starts at the top but after a tough day negotiating contracts with the baboons and lions, it likely slips down.”

And others…well, here:

He can wear it however he likes, he’s a confident, self esteemed giraffe who does not need your approval.”

Whatever the answer might be…we aren’t too sure that anyone actually cares. Obviously, if a giraffe needed to wear a necktie, it would go around the collar of his shirt.


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