People Are Putting Glitter In Their Hair, And It Has Taken The Internet By Storm. These 12 Fashionistas Will WOW You!

Fashion has taken some pretty drastic turns in the past, bouncing quickly from one extreme to another in a matter of days. Sometimes it spins so fast that most of us just cannot keep up. With the invention of the internet, trends come and go much more quickly than they did in the days when we had to wait for an issue of a magazine to be put on the shelves or wait for a music video on T.V. With apps like Instagram and Twitter helping everyone to update their fashion loves and hates in real-time, it’s incredible what people can come up with in a matter of hours!

Take this new trend: glitter roots. After only a few days of going viral, it sparked another trend: glitter beards. Yes, that’s right. Women and men have hopped aboard this exciting (and sparkly) fashion train that appears to be heading for a land filled with rainbows and candy. Probably. Who knows.

All I know for sure is that I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this fantastical trend on anyone when I’ve been out and about running errands. But you know, if I do spot a trendy fashionista rocking this look, I am going to ask to take a selfie with them. It’s just too cute.

So here are some of my favorite posts from this trend of glitter and sparkles, and I hope they make your day just a little bit brighter! I mean, how can they NOT, these fashionistas are literally covered in sparkles!


What do you do when your roots have started to grow out but it isn’t time to bleach and dye them again? Add glitter and take a bunch of pictures, of course!


Guys want in on this trend, too! Although…just look at all that glitter! I would go crazy within minutes!


Now THIS is a look I could get behind! It’s elegant and cute. Maybe what I like the most about this style is that it isn’t over-done. It’s almost subtle.


How do they get that glitter to stay on?! There isn’t a single spec on the rest of his BLACK suit!

This guy added his eyebrows into the mix. Hey, if you’re already going for it, why not give it 100% of the effort?


WOW. Not only is this hairstyle very bold, so is that glitter! The girls seem to have used hair gel to keep the glitter in place, while the guys seem to have just poured glitter all over their beards. Who knows! Maybe they used something too. This is just too fun!


Don’t feel like washing your hair? Toss some glitter in it! People will be too distracted to care. Perfect.


These guys don’t mess around when it comes to their glitter beards! They are just so intense.
Doesn’t this just make your day? She doesn’t even need to cover her roots. It adds a fun spin to an outfit. Cute.

This fashionista has taken her roots to a new level! Sparkly and fun, she even matched the glitter color to her jewelry and accessories.


This is my favorite! She added glittery stars to her glitter roots, and they are just so much fun! I love it.

These sparkly trends might be a bit odd, but I will admit that I once wore bright blue eye shadow and crimped my hair for “fashion.” It’s all about finding styles that you love and feeling great about yourself. These “shining” individuals have found something truly unique, and I can’t wait to see how far this glittery trend will go! Although I wouldn’t miss having to pick up the never-ending trail of glitter that is bound to end up in the laundry room…

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