People Are FREAKING OUT When They Realize What These Cups Are Actually Made Of

This handmade dining set of plates, cups, bowls, and jugs all have a gorgeous tinge of blue to them. The shocking thing is? That strange blue hue isn’t from any dyes or paints…it comes from bones! Made from human or animal bone ash, “bone ceramics” are a new way to recycle. Sort of.Amateur ceramacist, Justin Crowe, began collecting human remains from bone dealers (yes, they exist) and ended up purchasing 200 bones from 200 different people. He fired, crushed, and powdered the bones into a fine ash and began experimenting on the best way to create a glaze for pottery using the ashes.

He then went on to design and produce enough bowls, plates, cups, and jugs for a party of 8 people. He glazed each piece with his bone ash glaze, giving the pieces their pale blue tinge.He held a dinner party, where the subject was discussing everyone’s views of death and mortality, and documented his journey with a video. But then, things took an unexpected turn.

People wanted him to make customized pieces for their own loved ones whom had passed on. Keeping their ashes in urns or visiting a grave site wasn’t how they wanted to remember them. Being able to interact on a daily basis brought the memories into their everyday life, and the idea took off.Chronicle Cremation Designs was launched in October 2016, and for the price of around $200, people can have their loved ones’ ashes glazed onto a useful cup. The company also makes candle holders, jewelry, plates, and other items. What do you think of this idea?

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