People Are Freaking Out About These Rose Gold Mini Mouse Ears

If you’ve ever visited (or seen pictures of people who have visited) a Disney theme park, you’ll be all too familiar with the trademark mouse ears that you’ve just got to buy! Sometimes sold as hats, headbands, or clips, the iconic mouse ears come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

…But usually, they are a classic black for Mickey Mouse ears, and Mini Mouse ears are usually accompanied by a bright red bow. This new design of sequined Mini Mouse ears accompanied by a large rose gold bow are stunning visitors. They don’t care how much they have to pay – these mouse ears are quickly becoming a fan favorite.

For $24.99, they’re a cute and cuddly alternative to the classic black and red ears that can still be found in Disney stores across the world.
The only thing that seems to be just the slightest bit annoying? All of those individual sequins make it very easy to get caught in long hair. Once you put them on, don’t plan to take them off anytime soon!

Do you think these adorable rose gold ears are worth it, or will you pass?

The ears have gone viral with many people going to the theme parks only to pick up a pair of these ears and to snap a picture with them.

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