People Allowed To Donate Food And Toys Instead Of Paying Fines This Season

Would you be more inclined to pay your parking fines if it meant helping others? That’s what officials in Innisfil, Ontario thought, and their effort is really taking off. They tried this method in 2015 and saw incredible results…so in 2016, they decided to try it again! While no one enjoys coming back to their car and finding a parking ticket, people are less angry about it if they know that they are helping their community.11-30a1The second annual “Scrooge the Ticket” program allows tickets to be “paid” after a donation of toys, gift cards, and non-perishable food items from the dates of November 30, 2016 to December 9th, 2016. That’s 3 weeks worth of donations instead of paying fines!

While some drivers prefer to just pay the fine and get it over with, the option to help others is too good for most to pass up.

No one likes to get a parking ticket, but this is a thoughtful way to have our residents give generously to a great cause leading into the holiday season.” Said the mayor, Gord Wauchope.

Any form of these useful donations can be turned in and will be accepted, wiping away fines and giving residents a breath of fresh air just before the holidays. They have also opened up donations to people who haven’t even received a ticket! People who wish to donate out of the kindness of their hearts don’t need to wait for a ticket to be issued – they can participate, too!


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