Patients Would Have DIED If These Officers Hadn’t Stepped Up During The Storm!! Incredible!

Something incredible happened, and it’s all thanks to the bravery of these two officers! At the UK Markey Cancer Center, several patients were on a list to receive bone marrow transplants. These procedures are very delicate and require that certain medications be administered precisely in order to move forward with the operations. The problem this center was facing was a rush of blizzard-like conditions that had roads closed and pharmacists unable to get the medication to the patients who desperately needed them. That’s when these two officers heard about the problem and volunteered to help!


They made the dangerous drive in order to get the medication to the cancer center just in time for the patients to receive it. Because of these officers, the patients were able to be put into the schedule to receive their transplants – saving their lives. The story is even more amazing because one man on Facebook thought they wouldn’t be able to get the medication after all…only to be rescued by these amazing officers!

In times of trouble and need, these officers stepped up when they were needed most! Dealing with unpredictable weather is something that we all go through, but rarely do we think about the severe consequences that such weather would have on people relying on stable transportation like this! I wouldn’t have even known this was a problem if not for this VIRAL post on social media! Way to go, officers!.

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