Passengers Terrified When Venomous Snake Drops From The Ceiling Of Plane!

ACTUAL ‘snakes on a plane’ is causing an uproar on one Aeromexico flight from Torreon, Mexico, to Mexico City. Posted by Indalecio Medina on Twitter, people are shocked and confused at this entire situation. Medina dubbed it, “the flying snake,” and the images of a struggling snake have circulated the globe.

The snake was first spotted after it was shaken loose from between the wall of the plane and the overhead baggage compartment, wiggling and squiggling to get free…causing no small amount of panic in the cabin! He quickly took out his phone to capture the snake’s attempts to get free, but once the snake dropped down from the ceiling, he put his phone away just as quickly to keep a better eye on the situation.11-10a6

According to Aeromexico, the plane made a hasty landing so that animal control could safely remove the snake, and the flight resumed as normal.

But many are wondering how the snake managed to get on the plane in the first place, and how no one noticed an actual snake until they were already in the air. Some wonder why no one attempted to put the snake in a bag, but others admitted that they wouldn’t have attempted to get close to it – what can you do for a snakebite being thousands of feet in the air, anyway?

What would you have done if you found a real live snake on your flight?! Too scary!


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