Passenger’s Drop-Off Location Makes Uber Driver Suspicious. “It Was The Middle Of A Bridge.”

It was just after 8 p.m. when Uber driver Chris Farley picked up a passenger from a residential area in Gulfport, Florida. They got to chatting and the passenger told Farley that he had recently been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Farley’s mother had passed away from cancer, and the pair talked about the disease and the different treatments available…but that is when alarm bells started going off in the Uber driver’s head. He asked the younger man what school he went to and what he was studying, but the man didn’t have much to say about his future. Farley looked at the destination again and realized that the end of the route was on the middle of the bridge. In the area, that specific bridge is often used for suicide. Farley didn’t want to alert the troubled man in case he tried anything dangerous, but he made sure to speak with the toll booth attendant about the man’s strange reason for stopping on the bridge:

I need an ambulance to see my doctor, but I had to be halfway onto the bridge to get an ambulance from the right area…” the man tried to explain.

No one believed him.

When Farley arrived to the middle of the bridge, he stopped at the rest area and asked for a selfie with the man. They prayed, he said, before he immediately got back into his car and sent the picture to the local police, who had already been called by the toll booth worker.

They were able to get to the man and bring him to a hospital before he jumped off of the bridge, but Farley claims that he knew he was there for a reason that day and is just glad that the man is still alive.

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