Passengers Captures The Reason Why His Luggage Was Damaged By United Airlines. Eek!

United Airlines has had a rough year, but this video just takes the cake. Along with being generally aggravating, passengers can now add “mishandled luggage” to their list of complaints. And when we say “mishandled luggage,” we really mean “violently discarded.”

One passenger captured the moment their luggage was “ejected” from the plane, and it had a lot of passengers cringing. See that blue suitcase that practically flies off of the conveyor? Yeah, it was damaged.
He posted the results online once he realized that the damage to his suitcase was, in fact, the fault of the airline. As the video spread, actual baggage handlers chimed in to explain what the problem was. The airlines are often short-staffed when it comes to baggage handlers. One employee remembers a time when five separate flights needed unloading, but there just weren’t enough employees to cover them.

The person who was on this particular flight adds that the luggage being tossed off of the plane was actually carry-on luggage that the airline decided to stow under the plane – many items that people thought they could take care of ended up in that mess. Hopefully, nothing too important was destroyed.

Even more people jumped into the conversation to say that this is a problem with all airlines…it just rarely gets documented in such spectacular fashion!

At least he knows why his suitcase was destroyed.

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