Parents Of Twins Are Recreating This Celebrity Photo And They Are Perfection

Beyonce has updated her ethereal baby-bump photo with this sneak peek at her newborn twins. While people loved it, others were a bit skeptical. How was she so…put together? Being a parent to twins is a challenge unlike any other, but there she was, looking flawless, rested, and stunning…

They couldn’t leave it alone. Some of the braver parents decided to recreate her photo with the things they had at their own disposal. Mainly, the backyard and a sheet.Needless to say, many parents of newborns just didn’t feel like fanciful forest beings. Sleep deprived, exhausted, and wrangling two little kids is a lot harder than it looks.

This dad tried to pose with his one-year-old twins. When everyday parents tried to pose with their babies, it was easy to see how different parenting is when they don’t have unlimited resources at their disposal. This dad still looks pretty fabulous, regardless.
This mom decided to show what her reality was with newborn twins. There was no way she was about to get up and pose in a garden like some sort of mystical sprite! While they were poking fun at celebrity newborn photos, they opened a discussion between parents about how hard it is to nurture and raise babies…and that it is 100% okay not to look like you’ve just stepped out of a magazine at any point while you’re at it!

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