Parents Everywhere Want THIS To Go Viral As Soon As Possible!

No one likes to think of the “worse case scenarios” but parents everywhere are hoping that this tip will be spread far and wide. If it helps to save lives, they are all for it! When it comes to safety, child-sized car seats are the standard, but a few clever parents figured out a way to make them even safer…at least, until a few others decided that they absolutely hated the idea!

It’s a simple idea aimed at helping emergency teams and firefighters in the case of an accident that leaves parents unconscious. It contains the child’s name, age, and emergency contact information. Some children have medical conditions, medications, or special needs written out for medical personnel to have instantly. Other parents think that putting too much information on these cards can leave a family vulnerable in case the car seats are ever stolen, or the car gets broken into. Why would anyone want to give out their personal information to thieves?!

Well, in a life or death situation, many parents find themselves unable to care what a thief might do with their child’s information as long as it saves their lives.

The debate went viral, and if it helps EMS teams, a lot of parents were more than willing to do it. Would you?

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