Parents Are Resorting To THIS So That Strangers Can Tell What Gender Their Infant Is

While it may be controversial (and a lot of parents still think it is a dumb idea), a lot of people are excited about this new method of telling a baby girl from a baby boy. A lot of parents commented to say that they don’t care what other people think. “Is it a girl? Is it a boy? It’s a healthy baby and people can mind their own business.”¬†

But others are excited to be able to let people know that their baby is a girl without struggling to put on a headband or clip a bow into a bald baby’s too-fine-for-clip-on-bows hair.

The formula for the glue is made with natural ingredients that dissolves in water and allows little bows, ribbons, flowers, and other “girly” objects to be glued directly to baby’s head.Some people took it a step further:But it turns out that the product is a hit with¬†twins! Parents can now easily tell their babies apart with different colored bows. Onesies and bibs get changed too often to keep up with color coding to tell which baby is which, and this method is especially helpful for babysitters or times when mom and dad aren’t there to point out the difference.

It’s a new way to accessorize your little one when they don’t have any hair…and the freedom to glue on googly eyes, pom poms, or other hilarious objects directly onto your hair (or fur!) is too much for some to resist. I mean, did you see that dog? Too cute!

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