Paramedic Uses His Outbreak Gear To Rescue A Skunk With A Paper Cup Stuck On Its Head!

It was a regular Sunday morning for Justin Mausz, a paramedic in Ontario. He was pulling up to his station when he noticed a little animal walking in circles and bumping into a nearby wall. He drove a little closer and realized that it was a skunk trapped inside of a paper cup, his neck stuck inside of the domed lid.

He wanted to help…but also didn’t want to get sprayed by the skunk’s defensive reflexes. As a paramedic, he would have to stay in that uniform all day, so he decided to take precautionary measures. He put on his protective gear – usually used in highly contagious situations such as an Ebola outbreak – and made his way towards the skunk, being careful to stay in front of the scared animal.8.9a5He slowly crept forward and then quickly snatched the cup, which slid off of the skunk harmlessly.

He posted the story on Twitter…but never expected it to go viral! He thought that his family and friends would get a kick out of his “skunk rescue” that day, but hundreds of people began to share the adorable story! He is planning to begin grad school in just a few weeks, and thinks that this story was the perfect way to leave his full-time job as a paramedic and start a new chapter in his life.

Many people are glad that he took the time to save the skunk because it surely would have starved to death without assistance. Others are angry that litter was the cause of this skunk’s distress. We’re just glad that Justin was there when that little skunk needed him the most!

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