Paralyzed Feral Kitten Was RESCUED By Neighborhood Doberman!

Affectionately named “Miss McTinybeans,” this feral kitten was first discovered by a curious Doberman who realized the small kitten needed help. The dog nuzzled the paralyzed kitten and brought her to safety by the scruff of her neck. The Doberman’s owner knew just what to do with the poor little kitten and brought her over to a neighbor that worked in animal rescue!The little kitten was covered in filth, fleas, and and couldn’t move her hind legs at all, presumably due to a declawing injury. But the rescue group, Paw Project, knew just how to try.

The name of the game in spinal cord injuries is to get the brain and the toes talking to each other.” A representative said.

They used acupuncture, massage, and exercise to help the nerves connect. Eventually, it worked!They set her up with an obstacle course and fun little therapies that are helping her learn to use her hind legs all over again. They predict that she will make a full recovery with time and attention!She would have died if that neighbor’s curious dog hadn’t discovered her, and they are very thankful to have been able to help a little kitten learn to walk!

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