Panther Cat Nearly Euthanized For Strange Condition…But One Woman Fought To Save Him

Liam the kitten suffered from an uncontrolled head tremor, and at just 6-weeks old, found himself without a home. Surrendered to a shelter, he was able to get diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Basically, Liam had a lot of fluid in his brain and was going to be put down since the shelter didn’t have the funds or resources to give him the help he needed…but people weren’t giving up without a fight.

They reached out to a non-profit rescue society, and one volunteer, Alisa, drove 10 hours round trip to bring Liam to her home.Now on a daily dose of medicine as a treatment plan, Alisa saw an almost instant change in his behavior. His case of hydrocephalus is manageable with his daily medication, and Alisa wants others to know that one of the best ways to prevent more cats from being born with the condition is to stop uncontrolled breeding.Many cats have hydrocephalus in varying levels of severity, but with the right care and treatment, they can lead very normal lives! The medication allows his body to better regulate the fluid buildup in his brain, and she says that he is a very intelligent cat.She wants others to know that a cat with special needs shouldn’t be feared – in fact, they sometimes have the most love to give.

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