Painter’s Tape, New Curtains, And Her Favorite Colors Led To This STUNNING New Design In Her Nursery!

Her goal was to create beautiful, functional curtains that would block out the light in her son’s nursery…but she didn’t want to sew them herself, and purchasing new ones was proving to be a challenge. Nothing was good enough, so she decided to create them on her own!

While she could have chosen any design, she decided to try out a chevron design in a color-shifting ombre palette that would fit perfectly in the baby’s nursery. First, she would need to find a way to place a perfect pattern onto the curtains and settled on painter’s tape. It was easy to manipulate and would protect the fabric from stray paint strokes. 10-18a13She worked slowly, making sure that each layer of tape was placed perfectly before painting. She used blue in four different shades, painting four shades of the darkest blue, three shades of the second-darkest blue, four shades of the second-lightest blue, and finally, four shades of the lightest blue. This created an ombre effect that added a gorgeous layer of design to the room!10-18a14 When she pulled away the painter’s tape, crisp, clean lines were left between it all! The design was perfect, unique, and fit with the rest of the room in a way that store bought curtains just couldn’t do!10-18a15What do you think of her clever idea for painting curtains? Some comments clarify that fabric paint might be best with some fabrics, and to wash and iron the curtains prior to painting them because washing them after painting may cause the paint to distress and come away over time. You can find more details on this project here!

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