Overweight Dog Gets Second Chance At Life When One Family Decided To Give It Their All

Shiloh is a chocolate lab that had been having a rough time. At 146 pounds, he could barely support his own body weight, and “walks” consisted of a few steps to the food bowl before he would get too tired to move again. When he arrived at the shelter, volunteers were skeptical that he could be helped because he would need constant attention and a consistent exercise schedule.

When Heidi Fiore saw his picture on Facebook, she knew that she could be that person to help him get a second shot at life. She drove out to meet him and decided that he was going to get healthier even though it would be difficult for everyone involved.
At first, Shiloh could only walk a few steps before falling down in exhaustion. Fiore kept him on a strict diet, accommodating his needs as they went along, continuing to walk every day as far as his little paws could take him. He loved playing at the beach, and having a fun environment to exercise in made him more likely to try a bit harder.

Every day, he went a few steps farther than the day before, and after a few months he was noticeably healthier. Nearly one year after starting his journey, Shiloh had lost 60 pounds, putting him right at a healthy weight!

He was full of energy and love, and looked like a completely different dog!
He still loves the beach, and his newfound joy for life is all thanks to the dedicated people that just wouldn’t let him give up!

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