Over 100,000 Crayons And Markers Have Been Donated To Kids In Need By This Amazing Little Girl

It all started with a simple classroom donation and a little girl’s love of art.

Bethany Kuster loved to draw. Creating works of art was her favorite thing to do, so when she heard that an entire 4th grade classroom in Alabama was sharing only one box of crayons, she knew that she had to do something. She enlisted the help of her brothers and began gathering supplies. She created a presentation for her own classroom and explained her plan:

If everyone gathered their extra art supplies, they could donate everything to the young students who had none.

The class ended up gathering two crates of art supplies to donate, but Bethany wasn’t done yet.

She began to get more invested in the schools around her and started visiting inner city schools states away from her own. She realized that many of the children lived out of homeless shelters and visited soup kitchens for their meals and had never owned their own box of crayons. She started taking donations and using her own funds as well to give these kids the tools to express themselves through art.
9-23a7Her nonprofit organization, Color for Kids, was approved by the IRS and thanks to her efforts, 100,000 crayons and markers have been delivered to kids who had never dreamed of having their very own set.

She is raising awareness about the importance of art, and more and more people are joining in to donate. What do you think of Bethany’s incredible efforts?


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