Outrageous Requirements For A Nanny Go Viral And No One Can Believe That Its Real

So far, the responses from full-time nannies have come to the same conclusion: RUN!

When this list of requirements for a full-time, live-in nanny went viral, thousands of actual nannies were quick to pick up on it and point out just how awful this job would actually be.

It sounds good on the surface: Live-in Nanny, $128,000 salary.

What they actually want, it turns out, is a replacement parent to work 78 hours a week (probably a LOT more, according to professional nannies), eat every meal with their children, and run all of the family’s errands on top of minding the children’s appointments and schedules…for 4 children, aged 2, 5, 7, and 15.

So, what are the requirements for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Get ready. They’re wild.

You’ll need 15 years of nannying experience, to have never had children yourself, a degree in child psychology, and to help teach the children, as they are homeschooled. Sound good yet? It gets better.

Not only do you get to work 6 days a week, you also need to know self-defense and be available when the parents have “social commitments” (overtime without the pay, according to those professionals), and fly with the children several times a week as the family owns four homes across the globe. That’s right – international travel with 4 children aged 2 to 15! Who wouldn’t love that?

The “perks,” of course, are that your meals are prepared by a Michelin star chef, and you get to use the family’s luxury vehicles while running their errands. No vacation time or bonuses, but hey, what’s not to love?

If these are the requirements they listed, they are most likely high-maintenance and won’t respect their new nanny’s time. That list is probably twice as long in reality. Watch out.” One professional nanny wrote.

Would YOU take this job?

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