Orphaned Kitten Was Left To Die In Their Backyard…But They Weren’t Giving Up!

At less than a week old, this kitten hadn’t eaten in two days and wasn’t even able to open her eyes. She was completely helpless, and the only thing she knew how to do was meow for help…but her mother was nowhere to be found.

The kitten had been abandoned. While they don’t know who the mother cat was or why she suddenly disappeared, they did know that without help this small animal would die.

The only way she could eat was with a bottle. Every two hours, they fed her and cuddled her, assuring her that she wasn’t alone anymore. Most kittens would have given up, but this one was a fighter. At just five ounces, she was startlingly small.They gave her a furry stuffed animal to snuggle with while she napped to help her feel comforted. They rubbed her as often as possible. Eventually, she began to gain weight and use her legs. Eventually, her eyes opened. Over the next five weeks, her personality began to shine through. The name Sassy stuck. The jubilant kitten may not have realized how close to death she was, but she was embracing the strange new life with as much enthusiasm as any other kitten.

Her bright blue eyes have gained her quite the following online, too!
This little kitten enraptured the world with her beautiful gaze, and its all thanks to the kind-hearted humans who answered her calls when she needed help the most.

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