Orphaned Kitten Thinks Its A Ferret After Being Adopted By A Loving Ferret Family

When this kitten was found on the streets, it was clear that she wouldn’t have lived much longer on her own. Barely skin and bones, the tiny kitten was discovered by one concerned human who didn’t want to see her die of starvation. The only hiccup in the plan? They had a family of ferrets at home, and they weren’t sure how the other animals would get along with a new kitten.

As it turns out, the two species actually get along nicely! The ferrets accepted the small kitten as one of their own…and continued to accept her after she doubled in size!Since both cats and ferrets love to cuddle, they quickly bonded over their mutually approved past time.

Dinnertime is especially exciting, and the cat has her own spot in line!While they sometimes squabble, as most families do, it is nothing that a bit of cuddling can’t cure!

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