“Open For A Surprise” This Mysterious Picture Was Opened A MILLION Times In 24 Hours!

Hundreds of newsworthy stories hit the internet every day, and while people may have been confused as to why this specific picture was going viral…they didn’t question it at all once they opened it! In less that 24 hours, millions of people had opened it, and over half a million had shared it with all of their friends. So, what could be so incredible that it scoured across the internet and hundreds of countries in a matter of hours? See for yourself.Yes.

As millions of people clicked on the link, they were greeted by this adorable yellow lab puppy licking his nose. No political agendas, no financial advice, no local news…just an adorable little puppy having its picture taken on a sunny day!

With all of the negativity being spread across news feeds, it happens to be a breath of fresh air when something like this goes viral. Sometimes, people just need something positive in their lives and this viral post just proved it without a doubt.

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