Only 80’s Children Will Appreciate This Video

The 80s is one of the most eventful decades for movies. The Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, and The Karate Kid are just some of the titles that greatly influenced moviegoers. Actors portrayed their characters compellingly, and showed the audience a different kind of attitude during that shook the entire nation.

What made the movies in the 80s so fun to watch are the relatable stories of the characters. They have struggled through teenage life, survived the wrath of parents and teachers, and found friends that will stick to the end. There were only few expensive effects and flashy costumes back then, but the real life situations the characters encounter always hit the mark.

If you’re a true movie fan, watching 80s flicks is like going down memory lane. Consider it as a time machine that takes you to another dimension of big hairs, funky clothes, and unforgettable roles. One can even argue that these movies set the foundation of the movies we now enjoy today.


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