One Year Ago, Cat Found Injured And Trapped In A Backpack. Today, He Can’t Stop Saying “Thank You!”

A woman in Canada was taking out her garbage when she spotted a backpack in the bin. Normally, this wouldn’t be too strange, but the backpack looked like it was moving. She quickly unzipped it only to find another bag tied and knotted shut. She could tell that something was still alive in the bag. It was shocking.

A stray cat was inside, very close to death. She called the Alberta Animal Services, who were able to send someone to come out pick up the injured cat and rush him to receive emergency care.He had several injuries and was suffering from starvation, and while they couldn’t be sure of what he had been through, they could guess. They tried to help him in every way that they could, but they weren’t sure if he would make it through the night.

But he fought. He made it through that harrowing night, and then the next, and soon it was weeks later and he looked to be a completely different cat. His eyes were bright and he was curious about the world again. As soon as he was able to stand, the first thing he did was show affection to the volunteers that had saved his life, demanded cuddles and snuggling up to them in thanks.

After two weeks, he was ready to be adopted.

His new family was excited. They had been through a strict screening process and decided to donate to the center that had saved him. They even donated 25% of the adoption fees to the next cat who needed a forever home!

They named him Hiro – and fits that name quite well.

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