One Woman’s Customer Service Experience Has Gone VIRAL! I Can See Why!

Sometimes, we just need a little bit of extra support to get through our days! We get busy, frazzled, frustrated, and face set-backs in our schedules that can put us in a bad mood for the rest of the day. We get snippy and rude when things don’t go like we planned, and stories like these usually end up on websites that complain about rude customers…but not this time! One employee was more concerned than expected, and led to a heart-warming story!

I went into Walmart and when I came back out my door lock was frozen. So I went into Home Depot thinking they would have some hot water I could use to get my door unlocked. When I went in the lady did not want me to use hot water cause she was more concerned it would freeze again. So a gentlemen that worked there said they had a defroster for my door.

He not only went and grabbed it for me but also bought it for me. That’s not all. The lady in the picture saw that my 2 year old daughter was getting antsy, so she came over and started talking to my daughter. The lady entertained her and even tried to warm her little fingers up.

She also asked if she would like to help ring some items up. Which by the way my daughter loved.

This is what I call GREAT customer service. There are still wonderful people in the world! From a thankful mother. She honestly made my life so much easier in that one moment.”

-Kaitlyn Holey


These two co-workers spotted this mom’s frustration and immediately jumped in to help her get through the rest of her day! It’s true about hot water, too. In most cases, hot water will just freeze again incredibly quickly. A great idea is to use a mixture of rubbing alcohol mixed with water to dissolve ice and prevent it from freezing over again – in case you don’t have an de-icer on hand like this mom! I hope that these employees get the recognition that they deserve! They really went the extra mileĀ 

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