One Woman Describes Her Struggle To Support The Homeless In Her Community. More People Agreed With Her Than She Thought Possible!!

What do you think when you see someone living on the street? Do you often give spare change to those who are out begging for help, or drop a few coins next to a sign that asks for food? Maybe you buy lunch for a few people when you think about it, too. Sadly, the majority of people don’t lift a finger to help those who haven’t been able to make it on their own. They see a person sitting on the sidewalk and assume that they spent all of their money on liquor and drugs. While some members of the homeless community might truly have a problem with substance abuse…many of them do not. One woman’s opinion is helping to change the way we all see the homeless.

Today, lets talk about loving kindness towards the homeless in our communities. I recently was downtown fighting a traffic ticket. I ended up getting the ticket reduced. I left the courthouse proud of myself & feeling generous. I wanted to give back to my community. I saw several homeless people as I walked (I put a couple dollars near a man sleeping in his blanket) and then started a great conversation with another homeless man. I left feeling really good. I used to be afraid to talk to them & think I can’t give him money, because he might buy booze or drugs. I have changed my mind about this. This man wasn’t asking for anything he just looked like a couple bucks might help him. Why should I judge how others spend their time or money. Why not give them a dollar if I have it? Why not have a conversation with them? This man’s smile was so beautiful.

I really don’t know where MY path is going to take me. It could be me sitting here living under the freeway. And who am I to JUDGE what path they decide. For years I wouldn’t do anything to possibly contribute to a bad habit. Now I’m trying my hardest NOT to judge others. Perhaps, it’s out of appreciation for what I have or what I’ve been through in my life that makes me want to try something different.

-Pamela Hallen-Smith

All of this reminds us that we are all just people living each and every day in the best way that we can. None of us are perfect. Some of us may have even been homeless at one point too. It’s important to remember that the people out begging on the streets are just people. And it isn’t our place to judge them – only to help, in the words of Pamela!

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