One Survival Trick That Everyone Should Know About In Case Of Emergency!

It’s a skill that you hope you’ll never have to use, but it is useful to know…just in case!

While some cans might be more difficult to pry open without a can opener, the following method is a lot safer than trying to use a knife, and in a survival situation, avoiding an accident can be the difference between life and death. Sustaining a wound from a knife without proper medical care can lead to infections…so using a spoon to open a can of food might be a better option!

Gripping the spoon firmly, rub the edge in one line along the edge of the can, pressing down with a lot of force. Concentrate on one small area, and eventually…11-16a2…You will make a hole! Press the edge of the spoon into the can and drag it around, lifting and pressing the spoon as you go along.
11-16a3Coninue to use the spoon to press at the opening, bringing the spoon all the way around the top of the can until you can flip the top open. 11-16a4One of the most important things to remember? Don’t touch the lid with your fingers! Use the spoon to lift away the sharp edges. If you get cut, you may end up with bigger problems than hunger…but most likely, you’ll never need to use this trick! Remember it the next time you end up lost in the woods without a can opener.


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