One Selfish Student Wrote A Surprising Letter To His Teacher At The End Of The Year. No Wonder It Went VIRAL!

“My wife is a teacher and got this brutally honest card from one of her seniors.”

We’ve all got those teachers that impacted our lives. Most of the time, it’s negative. It’s easier to remember the bad things in life than the good things, and it’s easier to gossip when more than one person (or in this case, student) has had a similar experience. One student decided to write a letter to this teacher, and now it’s been shared with tons of people! Have you ever written a letter like this?


Dear Mrs. Huff,

No matter how rude or idiotic I’ve been, you’ve always put up with me and have continued to help me. I know I’ve been an — and a mess the past 2 years, but it never seemed to bother you. I know that I’ve said some things that you’ll never forget, and not for good reasons. But just know that truthfully you’ll always be my favorite teacher.

You talked to me and helped me to be better able to deal with issues. And have always been generous and nice to me even when I was a jerk. I can’t thank you enough and I’ll miss you.


While it may be too late for some of us to write a note to our favorite teachers (may they rest in peace) we can teach our children the importance of sending a little “thank you” to the people that we appreciate in our lives. The art of giving and receiving cards and letters is slowly disappearing in our society. I think it’s time to start that tradition up again. It’s just so much more personal than a black and white email. Do you agree?

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