One Pilot Broke The Rules To Save Dozens Of Pets Evacuating From The Fires At Fort McMurray!

Keith Mann completely ignored the rules about flying his plane with animals in the cabin. 80,000 residents were forced to flee their homes when the wildfires got close to their city, but many of them weren’t able to take their pets with them in the initial evacuation, and they were barred from going back when officials realized that the fires were not able to be put under control.

Owners from all over the city have been coordinating with rescue services to save their beloved animals and have started reuniting in astonishing ways after the flames began to subside.

Mann knew that it was important for the people to reunite with their pets, and didn’t think twice about flying a cabin full of furry friends to meet with hopeful owners. Flight after flight, Mann flew over 6,000 people away from the fires and into Calgary and Edmonton – but on one of these flights, it was almost like a zoo.5.10a1

Dogs, cats, rabbits, chinchillas, and even a hedgehog made it onto the place. Normally, only a few animals are allowed in the cabin at a time, and even then, they must be secured in a kennel. Instead, he made the decision to load them all onto the plane and secure them as best as possible.5.10a3

A family of puppies huddled together in one area, two hunting dogs were snuggled up in the bathroom (to protect the rabbits), and dogs huddled together during the plane ride. 5.10a2

Mann wasn’t able to personally see any of the reunions, but he imagines that they were probably a lot of hugs and tears.

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