One Photographer Happened To Catch A Crazy Picture During A Newborn’s Photo Session! She Captured Mom’s Expression Perfectly!

Photo shoots with newborns can be tricky! They are still trying to adjust to “life outside,” and because of that, well…accidents happen!

Traditionally, newborn pictures are naked! Their cute little tushies and snuggly little faces are just too cute not to capture and keep on the mantle piece until they are old enough to be embarrassed by them. But because they don’t have a diaper on…well, you see where this is going!


Mom and dad wanted to take a picture together with their precious new addition to the family, but just as their photographer, Abbie Rogers, was about to say “cheese,” this little guy decided that he needed to go to the bathroom! Mom moved just in time, and Abbie captured the adorable reaction without a moment to spare! 4.1a21

“We all had quite a good laugh,” Abbie said. “It happens all the time but I’ve never got it on camera. I had stepped down because he had started squirming and as soon as I did, it happened so I snapped one quick image.”

They eventually got the picture they were hoping for! He’s just too sweet! But this sweet baby is their third boy…I’m sure they are used to little accidents all of the time!4.1a22

Newborn photography comes with its own set of trials! Abbie admits that she does a lot of laundry after newborn sessions – it just comes with the territory!

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