One Officer’s Selfless Actions Inspired Local Cupcakery To Send THESE To The Department!

Officer Gafkjen was driving through a local neighborhood when he noticed something that made him stop the car and get out. He noticed an “elderly young lady” who was struggling to maintain her yard. She was trying to work with a lawnmower that had clearly seen better days and not having a great time of it. Officer Gafkjen decided to help her out.

It was a hot day and very soon his uniform was soaked through. A neighbor passing by happened to see him outdoors and working on the woman’s yard…and just had to snap a quick picture! The police department received the picture showcasing the officer’s hard work, and the department posted the picture to their Facebook page…and a nearby business saw it!

Before you ask, no we’re not going to come cut your yard. Spontaneity is key.” They wrote.

Smallcakes: A Cupcakery in Pensacola decided to honor the good work done by the officer and created these custom cupcakes – and delivered a whole bunch more for everyone in the department to enjoy!

Locals were worried about the two missing cupcakes, but the Pensacola Police Department assure everyone that ” they, uh, um…fell out.”

Caring for their city comes in all sorts of ways. Today, it was mowing an elderly woman’s lawn. Tomorrow…who knows?!

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