One Of Their Cats Was Stealing Food…Great Idea, Or A Step Too Far?

This couple has four cats, but one of them is a bit large than the others. Even though the cats were being fed at the same time every day, Meatball the cat was significantly larger than his siblings. They quickly realized that Meatball was stealing extra food from the others. He would practically inhale his kibble in record time and move on to snatch bits and pieces from his sibling’s food while they weren’t looking.

The bowls had been placed in a row, and it made it easy for Meatball to quickly stick his face into another bowl and gobble up stray kibbles before his siblings could stop him. The youngest cat, Pepper, began to mimic Meatball’s actions, and the couple knew that they would need to intervene somehow.

They created a “feeding station” out of cardboard to see if it would work and purchased separate feeding stations and released kibble on a timer… and it worked!They upgraded the eating stations with real wood that would last longer. Since only one cat can eat from the machine at a time, they are unable to steal food from one another. The timed release is also helping to teach the cats to eat slower, and as a result, is helping Pepper and Meatball to slowly return to their normal weight. Similarly, their siblings, Mochi and Nugget, are now able to eat a full meal without being bothered by kibble thieves!

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