One Of Her Twins DIED During Childbirth, But After Doctors Told Them To Do THIS, A Miracle Happened!!

At 26 weeks of pregnancy, Kate Ogg’s world changed completely. She was pregnant with twins and knew that going into labor this early could be devastating for her unborn children, but that was exactly what was happening. At only 6 months of pregnancy, there was very little chance that both of her babies would survive the trauma.

There were several doctors in a group of over 20 staff members in the room to prepare for anything during Ogg’s labor, and the feeling in the room was very heavy. The doctors initially thought that she had given birth to two boys due to the premature state of the infants. After a while, they announced that she had given birth to one girl and one boy. After nearly a half hour of doing everything they could for her infant son, one of the doctors sat on the edge of her hospital bed and asked if they had picked out a name for her small son.


“Jamie,” the couple said and waited for the news. The doctor informed them that they were not able to save Jamie, but at Ogg’s insisted on holding her tiny son on her chest. “I just wanted him to be warm,” she explained. The infant was still gasping for air, but doctors could do nothing further to help him to live.

The couple decided to hold him together, just having him lie on her chest as they told him about the future he would have if he lived. Eventually, little Jamie opened his eyes and came back to them. They knew he would survive when little Jamie reached out and grabbed his father’s finger!


This is one of the many miraculous stories that proves the benefits of skin-to-skin contact saving infants. With this one simple gesture, lives can be saved when doctors are no longer able to do anything to help. This story really touched me! I’m so glad that these twins were able to survive a rough start to their lives.


They are now 5 years old and even have a younger brother. Their story of survival and heartbreak has a happy ending, and sometimes that is all we can hope for. Their parents have only just recently told the twins about their incredible survival story, but the twins have accepted it as a part of their lives. While little Jamie is indeed a miracle baby, to them, he’s just “Jamie,” their brother!

This story brings hope to mothers everywhere. While doctors may not always have all of the answers, there is still hope with immediate skin-to-skin contact to help an infant get accustomed to their new lives. Seeing this story brings joy to my heart! Even in the face of such terrible circumstances, this family never lost faith and their itty bitty baby boy was brought from the brink of death just by being held by his loving parents.

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