One Of Her Students Cried For The Entire Day. When A Classmate Found Out Why, She Had To Tell Their Story

Jana Angelucci is a second grade teacher with students that apparently have hearts of gold. When one of her students began to cry in class, she did her best to give him space. The boy had been given a buzz cut and it left him feeling vulnerable. He tried to hide it with his hoodie, but it was no use. Then, one of her other students came up and wanted to talk to her…she was so touched, she just had to share the story!

During reading group, one of my other boys asked if he could talk to me “in privacy.” He whispered ‘I am going to ask my mom if she will buzz my head bald like (the boy)┬áso he won’t feel so bad.’

He came in today with it cut and said ‘We had to wait a few days to get it cut but a promise is a promise even if it’s late.’ “

The child got his hair buzzed on Thursday, but the next Tuesday, one of his classmates knew just how to help! As adults, a bad haircut can mean a bit of discomfort, but to this second grader, his haircut was absolutely devastating.

Children aren’t born hating one another. When they can help each other, they often go the extra mile, and being able to witness such an event was heartwarming!

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