One Mother’s Plea To Her Son’s Bullies Goes VIRAL Overnight…And I Can See WHY!

Growing up is hard. You might not fully remember it, now that several years (or decades) have passed, but if you stop to think about it, I’ll be that you dealt with childhood bullies and insecurities. We all did. Some kids have to fight this battle alone, but for the lucky ones, they have amazing parents to support them while they grow up and become the people they are supposed to be. MaryAnn is one such parent, fighting for her son’s right to thrive. Fighting for him to grow up and develop as best he can, to try and fit into a world that reminds him that he is different every single day. This is her heartfelt plea.


There is not one judgmental bone in his body.”1.13d1

You don’t have to like him, but you do have to respect him.”

Sometimes, we forget the struggles we went through to get where we are. The bullies that little Michael faces have probably forgotten that they once wet the bed, or had trouble learning to drink from a straw. They don’t remember a time when they couldn’t tie their own shoes or that learning to brush their teeth took months of practice. It’s different for every child, and parents need to teach their own children to be patient, to be understanding, and to be kind. It might be a tough lesson to learn for some children, but it needs to be said in a way that they can understand. Hopefully Michael’s story will help a few of them to learn! 🙂

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