One Mom Was FED UP With Her Teenage Daughter’s Messy Room. Her Solution Has The Praise Of Parents Everywhere!

Raising kids is not an easy task. And predictably, everyone thinks that their method is the “right” way to go about it. The truth is that it depends on the child. Grounding one might solve the problems, while grounding another might make them worse! Its up to each parent to come up with ways to teach their children what will be expected of them in life, and this mom has found a solution that seems to be working for parents across the country!


Parents have commented and shared her idea thousands of times! Many comment that similar actions have worked for their children, too! Punishments like this seem to be a favorite choice for parents because┬áthere are clear consequences for their child’s actions…or inaction, in this case!

In replying to comments, one mom asked if the daughter managed to get all of her things out of the bags. It seems that just a few days later, her lesson had worked brilliantly!


Seeing that their sister was earning money for extra chores around the house, her younger siblings asked mom if they would be able to do the same. When they started receiving cash, they proved that this mom is teaching them a lot about what really matters in life…because they donated all of their money to their sister! They wanted to help her “earn” back her stuff as quickly as possible.

Not only did her child learn a valuable lesson, the entire experience brought their family closer together.

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