One Mom Wants A Major Grocery Chain To CHANGE The Way Their Check-Out Lines Work

Jane Kramer wants the check-out experience as Meijer, a large food chain, to choose to make a change at their cash registers. Normally, you can look forward to a huge display of tempting candies, chilled sugary sodas, and probably-not-true headlines on colorful magazine covers. Kramer wants the grocery store to be proactive in the way they approach these temptations and replace them with better choices.

She didn’t see a problem with the check-out section before adopting her five-year-old son, but realizing that it has a huge impact on the boy made her reconsider her opinion.

The biggest issue, she says, is the reading material. As soon as he learned to read, he was seeing unattainable beauty standards, tabloids making fun of weight, judgments, and even articles about drugs.

…after he learned to read the first thing he asked me about was an article about cocaine,” said Kramer. “I think he was about six or seven.”

As for the snacks, she wants to help everyone. If people had the option to grab a quick, healthy snack on the way out, they would probably do it. She suggests a bag of mini carrots or bananas instead of chocolates, and children’s books instead of magazines.

With all the health issues in our country, it increases the cost of healthcare,” she continued. “They can do so much better, it just has to be re-imagined and supportive.”

Others just say she should mind her own business when it comes to the candy, but that they would be okay if there were a section of books for children on the bottom rows.

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