One Mom Put THIS On Her Baby’s Arms…And The Internet Can’t Decide If They LOVE It Or HATE It!

While the kids are always fun and adorable, something their clothes are boring and the same old thing over and over again. I simply wanted rockin’ clothes, and I could never find them. So I decided to make my own.”

Tera, a photographer and mother of four from North Dakota, decided that she didn’t want her kids to take anymore “boring” pictures. She decided to start making her own accessories for the kids…and never stopped! She created some edgy and fun shirts that mimic a tattoo sleeve for the kids to wear.


The clothing line is called “TotTude” and caters to babies, toddlers, and kids, boys and girls, and has the internet sharing the story like crazy! 3.15b2These bold designs really make the pictures unique, and kids love them! But do the parents love them?


While the general consensus is that these tattoo sleeves are fun and harmless, many moms think that the sleeves are a “bad influence,” and might lead the child to think that tattoos are acceptable…

Well, aren’t they? Personal and artistic expression is a trait somewhat unique to humans (with the exception of a few birds, probably). Millions of people have tattoos and choose to express themselves through art that is permanently imprinted on their bodies.

Regardless of the controversy, the idea is cute: spice up the wardrobes for kids! We can only take so much pink and blue. I’m excited for what’s next! Glow-in-the-dark skirts? LED belts? The possibilities are endless!

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