One Mom Has Had ENOUGH Of The “Mother Shaming” That Happens Online…And Wrote A SHOCKING Open Letter To Moms Everywhere!

For this mom, enough was enough. With the growth of social media came an interesting development that no one expected…a way for other mothers to communicate with each other online. The majority of the time, moms use these groups and forums to share reviews and opinions about different equipment for their kids such as strollers and car seats, or new products marketed towards kids. 90% of the time, these forums are helpful because it gives you a “real” review of a product or technique that you won’t find by talking to a store employee. 

However, the other 10% of the time, mothers find themselves shamed by other moms for doing things differently. One mother has decided to end it all with a beautiful letter to reassure mothers that…there really is no wrong way to raise a child. And it’s glorious.


Do you agree with this mom? There is so much out there to worry about already, and adding more to a mother’s plate seems petty in comparison to the monumental list of chores that she must complete each and every day. There’s no need to shame mothers who choose to raise their children differently or go against the norm – that’s something we should all remember. As long as the child is loved, mom is doing an excellent job of it! 🙂 This mother is brave for putting her opinion out there, and it’s no surprise that her letter is spreading like wildfire! You go, mama!

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