One Mom Had THIS To Say About The Cashier After What He Did For Her Little Girl! Amazing!

When your child has a temper tantrum, it can be a hard thing to deal with – especially when others are there to witness it. You can almost feel the judgment in their eyes as they watch your toddler lose their minds because they can’t understand why they aren’t allowed to have 3 boxes of cereal, or why you won’t let them hold the glass jar of pickles.  These episodes are a part of growing up. Raising children isn’t a science, it’s a huge experiment with so many factors that it can make your head spin! When someone has a child with disabilities, this scenario gets exponentially more complicated – so much so, that it might even keep them from going out into public.

This mom needed to run a few errands and knew that there was a chance her outing might end horribly…but her day was saved by one incredible young man!


This is just amazing! I wonder if Karl knew a child with disabilities, or perhaps had one at home himself. I like to think that Karl just saw an opportunity to help and did everything that he could to make this mom’s day a little bit easier. He could have scoffed like the other customers or even said something rude when her child wasn’t “behaving.” But instead, he showed his compassion and kindness, and it completely changed this mom’s day! What a touching story!

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