One Mom Had The Best Idea For Her Misbehaving Kids! Would YOU Use This On Yours?

Have you heard of this ingenious method? I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, getting grounded was one of the worst things. We didn’t have cell phones or the internet. We had the great outdoors, the neighbor kids, and public television after school. When someone got themselves in trouble, they made life difficult for everyone. I wish there had been a way to work towards “un-grounding.”

And honestly, this is probably better for parents then it is for the kids! Yes, hard work, teaching them to clean up after themselves, blah, blah, blah…

Getting the chores done while “teaching them a lesson?” Genius.


Many parents have taken this idea and applied it to the world of electronics that we live in. For some kids, getting grounded means that their X-Box gets taken away! But does mom want to hear “pleeeeeeeeeeeease” non stop for the next week? Of course not, that’s crazy.

So she comes up with a clever plan for the kid to “earn” his X-Box back. And she gets her house cleaned at the same time. That’s pure gold. Microsoft Word - Lucas' points list Summer 2014.docx

These are easy to make and fun (well, fun for mom) to create because it gives kids real and substantial consequences for their actions. Lying to mom might earn a scolding. But if lying to mom means that a ton of chores are attached as punishment? Lying to mom will no longer be an issue.

For at least a month, probably.

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